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Honda Has Released The World’s First Level 3 Self-Driving Car

Move over Tesla, Honda is here and they have finally announced a self-driving car for commercial purchase that is certified with level 3 automation technology, which basically allows vehicles to make decisions for themselves.

Credits: Giphy

Don’t be too afraid though, we haven’t reached the point of the ‘Terminator’ just yet, as level 3 automation technology still requires some level of human input.

Only 100 units will be available for purchase and they will only be sold in Japan (boo). The retail price for one of these bad boys is 11 million yen (RM413k) which also includes lease agreements that will allow for the new tech to be regularly maintained… so basically a special form of after sales service.

Credits: SoyaCincau

So what should you expect from a RM413k car? Well according to Honda, the car will include the ability for ‘conditional automated driving in limited area’ which allows the car to control itself completely but only under certain conditions such as traffic jams or on highways among others.

In a statement released by Honda’s chief engineer, the technology was designed for reducing human error-induced accidents, for instance in a scenario where the driver could be suffering a heart attack, the car will perform an emergency stop while turning on the hazard lights and horn.

Credits: SoyaCincau

Here are a couple of key features of the Honda Sensing Elite system:

  1. Hands-off Functionality (Adaptive in Lane Driving, Active Lane Change Assist with Hands-off Function, Active Lane Change with Hands-off Function)

  2. Traffic Jam Pilot

  3. Human-Machine Interface (HMI)

It is unlikely that the car will reach local shores anytime soon…If ever but what do you think? Is Malaysia ready for self-driving cars? Would you get one if you could?


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