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Hold Up! Was That Really Brad Pitt In Jen Aniston’s Selfie?

Oh be still my heart! Could it be?

Fans believe Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are back together after spotting a mystery man in her selfie!

Apparently there are rumours swirling that the A-listers are also filming in the same location.

Jen and Brad have been linked with a reunion for a number of years and this, for some, has added more fuel to the fire.

The former couple, last seen together at the 2020 SAG Awards following two decades of avoiding one another at award shows and red carpets, have reportedly been spotted hanging out once again—and thanks to super-sleuth fans (and a notoriously accurate gossip account), there’s evidence.

On February 3, celebrity gossip account—or ‘curators of pop culture’—@deuxmoi received several tips reporting that Aniston is currently filming the second season of Apple TV+ series The Morning Show on the same lot where Brad Pitt is filming his latest movie, Bullet Trainwhich he stars in alongside Lady Gaga.

Deuxmoi shared an image that Aniston had previously posted to her Instagram Story, where she can be seen playing with her dog, Clyde, presumably in her trailer. But, it’s not the adorable pup or Aniston’s forever iconic hair that has fans intrigued, it’s what was spotted in the background that’s truly telling. 

Behind Aniston, fans spotted a man lying on what appears to be the ground, but only his chest down is visible.

Of course, fans have concluded that it must be Pitt (it must be!!! And honestly it does look like it).

However, let’s not get our hopes up as there are also tips that the guy is just one of Jen’s line producers.

An anonymous source claiming to work on the Apple TV+ series replied to Deuxmoi, writing: “I’m 99% positive that’s the line producers assistant.”


What do you think? Are you Team Brad & Jen?

Brad and Jennifer have never confirmed or denied if they waited for nine months to have sex. Image: Reuters

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