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History Professor In China Is Said To Be BLACKPINK Lisa’s Doppelgänger

If you’re a hug fan of K-pop group BLACKPINK’s Lisa, then you’re going to freak out! Pictures of a history professor in China went viral on popular Chinese social media, Weibo after students from her class started noticing the resemblance between their lecturer and BLACKPINK’s Lisa.

The lecturer was identified as Miss Tang from the Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications in southwest China, which was reported to look “just like” Lisa by CNA Lifestyle. The photos started getting viral which led to students desperately trying to take a peek at the professor, to the point of waiting outside the lecture halls.

Netizens are trying to get hold of more details and images of the history professor but it was reported that she chose to remain private. She even posted a brief statement on her personal social media account that she didn’t expect her pictures to go viral.

Now here’s your turn to judge whether they look identical or not:

Credit: Weibo and @lalalalisa_m Instagram


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