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Here’s Why Your Food Delivery Orders Keep Getting Delayed Or Cancelled

Not sure about you, but I’ve been seeing a lot of people on social media complaining about how their GrabFood and Foodpanda orders kept getting cancelled recently, but no one seems to know the reason why… until now. Apparently, this is due to a steep decline in the number of riders in the food delivery industry.

According to a report by Free Malaysia Today, the number of food delivery riders has fallen drastically over the past month, where one of the companies even experienced an 85% drop in availability.

It turns out, many riders have returned to their full-time job since the reopening of businesses when the second MCO was lifted early last month. Some riders also chose to switch to working for courier delivery companies in exchange for a more stable source of income.

Credits: Mashable SEA

This leaves a huge shortage in available delivery riders for food delivery companies all around, especially within the Klang Valley area.

And with Ramadan in the picture, it is expected that the issue at hand will only get more challenging as Muslim riders, customers and vendors would plan to break their fasts at specific times, says Shubham Saran, Foodpanda’s head of logistics in Malaysia.

Which is why for companies like Grab, they have resulted to temporarily halting certain campaigns to “avoid disappointing consumers with long waiting times or risk wasting food due to an imbalance in supply and expected demand”.

So to sum it up, the problem with your cancelled food delivery order isn’t anybody’s fault in particular, and your delivery rider is definitely not to be blamed. Therefore, please be kinder to the abang Grab and Foodpanda out there, and if you can, make sure to tip them!


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