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Here’s Why You Need To Watch ‘Josee, The Tiger And The Fish’

If you are an avid anime fan, you might have already seen the trailers and announcements of this beautiful looking animated film. Now, despite watching the trailers over and over again, you might still be wondering what is the movie about.

Well thanks to a movie review by The Star, we now get to know what the hype is all about. So the movie takes place in modern-day Japan and it centers around two unlikely people who fall in love. Cliché I know, but bare with me.

The film tells the story of Tsuneo Suzukawa who is a student that is struggling to achieve his dream of going to Mexico. So in order to do so, he works part time at a dive shop with his friends. On one eventful night, he hears a piercing scream echo through the night, yelling “Help, there’s a girl in an out-of-control wheelchair! Its rolling down a hill and about to crash!”

Credits: The Star

Much like any other ‘shonen’ protagonist, he leaps into action and saves the girl and learns her name which is Kumiko, though she prefers to be called Josee. Following his heroic rescue, Josee’s grandmother makes a very interesting request to help take care of Josee in exchange for payment, to which Tsuneo eagerly accepted as he is still trying to live out his dream of going to Mexico.

Credits: The Star

Naturally, as is with most romance animes, they both dislike each other at first but gradually develop a bond. Now by no means am I saying that the entire show is cliched, but there are certain norms that I wish animes will stray away from.

That said, with regards to the animation quality, it is on par with most big budget anime movies with the exception of ‘Weathering With You’ and ‘Your Name’ because, let’s be real here, it is almost impossible to top that level of animation quality for now.

When its all said and done, Josee, The Tiger And The Fish is certainly a movie worth watching in cinemas and wouldn’t you know it, you can actually do so as it has just been released in Malaysia.


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