• Jonathan Shiek

Here’s Why Thailand Is Banning Sunscreen From All Its Marine National Parks

I know it’s been a while since any of us took a vacation down to the beach, but there’s something pretty important that should be addressed about our sunscreens. According to the Thailand Conservation Department, sunscreen has been banned from all of its marine national parks due to certain chemicals in the product that damages corals. Yes, swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving in the ocean with sunscreen on has been killing the corals.

Sunscreens containing oxybenzone, octinoxate, 4-methylbenzylidene camphor, and butylparaben have been shown to destroy corals, inhibit reproduction, and cause coral reef bleaching. If you’re caught violating the ban, you can get fined 100,000 Baht which is RM1,272, but the government has not confirmed on how they will enforce the rule yet.

If you’re being more mindful about the corals, you could opt for mineral-based sunscreen containing zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, and avoid sunscreens containing the 4 chemicals mentioned above. There are some sunscreens labelled “reef-safe” on the packaging, but still keep in mind to check the ingredients used in the product. Lastly, the sunscreen ingredients should be “non-nano”, meaning that the ingredient particles must be above 100 nanometers in size so that they can’t be ingested by corals.


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