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Here's Why FamilyMart Stores At Cameron Highlands Uses Monochrome Signboards

By now, you've probably seen enough FamilyMart stores to know that its signboard is white, green, and blue. However, the Japanese convenience store at Cameron Highlands uses monochrome signboards and the reason behind it is extremely wholesome!

Netizen @dearsln posted images of the black and white FamilyMart signboard, which gotten response from a fellow netizen. According to Rahmat Ikhsan Mohd Sofyan, he has encountered a monochrome FamilyMart signboard in Japan, and apparently the Japanese convenience store uses these signboards at locations that focuses on the beauty of nature.

The move is to ensure that the usual eye-catching colours does not overshadow the surrounding greens, signifying that no man-made building can ever replace the beauty of nature. This explains why FamilyMart stores at Cameron Highlands uses the black and white signboards, as it is close to nature and focuses on greenery.

Some are speculating that it could be an influence from the black and white Pahang flag as well, but who knows?


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