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Here’s What You Should Know If You’re Getting The AstraZeneca Vaccine Soon

Yesterday marks the first day of inoculation for some Malaysians who volunteered for the AstraZeneca vaccine and naturally, people have taken to social media to share their vaccination experience and for some, their concerns.

While it’s normal for individuals to be scared about vaccinations, especially one that’s been so heavily scrutinised, one should never turn to spreading misinformation and health scares about the vaccine to incite fear among potential vaccine recipients.

For example, there were rumours advising people to take Paracetemol before getting your vaccination in order to reduce the side effects. Although the idea may sound legit on paper, it is absolutely NOT TRUE.

Dr Khoo Yoong Khean, the Managing Editor for The Malaysian Medical Gazette even took to Twitter to debunk this statement as not only is taking Paracetemol before vaccination ineffective, it may even risk reducing your immune response (until the booster dose).

Not before. Technically wont help and there are few studies showing some evidence pre-vaccination analgesia might reduce immune response (though after booster dose, it picks up). After getting jab is ok. — Yoong (@yoongkhean) May 4, 2021

Another thing to avoid before and after getting vaccinated is alcohol consumption. It is advised that individuals refrain from drinking alcohol on the day of vaccination, while some medical experts have advised individuals to reduce or avoid alcohol intake for the first 48 to 72 hours after vaccination.

It’s also normal to be experiencing minor side effects after getting vaccinated. I personally had a swollen arm and slight fever for a couple of days after getting my Hepatitis B vaccine months ago, and while it was uncomfortable, it wasn’t dangerous by any means.

However, if you do experience any severe side effects like shortness of breath, chest pain, persistent headache and abdominal pain, it would be best to seek immediate medical health and treatment.

If you had your AZ vaccination today and are starting to feel feverish, don’t worry, that’s a common side effect. Here is an advisory on side effects following the AZ jab. #LindungDiriLindungSemua — Khairy Jamaluddin 🇲🇾🌺 (@Khairykj) May 5, 2021


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