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Here’s How You Can Make Your Old Smartphone Faster

If you aren’t spoiled for choice as most people who rush off to get the latest smartphones the moment it hits the shelves, then this is the perfect article for you. A smartphone nowadays is more than just a tool of communication, it is a necessity for everyone. It is the extension of one’s life. Therefore, it is imperative that you have one correct?

But what if your ‘extension of your life’ is outdated, slow and laggy, plus, you can’t be bothered to spend an arm and a leg for a new model? Well here is how you can boost your old smartphone’s performance for absolutely free!

1. Adapt Your Settings

Credits: tekdeeps

If your phone has reached the point of its life where it no longer receives system updates, you might want to get rid of unnecessary visual effects and other useless options that uses your processor.

One simple trick is by turning on your phone’s power energy saving mode, which should allow you to block background applications as well as ditch those processor consuming effects.

2. Delete RAM

Credits: TechJuice

Every single application on your phone will use up your random access memory (RAM). So if your phone is extremely laggy, it could be attributed to a lack of RAM space. Therefore, it would be a very wise decision to get rid of any applications that you aren’t using.

3. Use ‘lite’ Versions of Certain Applications

Credits: BullFrag

More often than not, there are ‘lite’ versions of large applications such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Such versions require significantly less space and power. As such, it would probably be for the best to replace your current versions with the ‘lite’ version to boost your old smartphones performance.

By no means will you be compromising a lot by switching to the ‘lite’ versions, but unfortunately you will have to forgo some flamboyant features which when it comes down to it, are somewhat unnecessary anyway.

4. Free Up Storage Space

Credits: Tech Talks

As your phone gets older, you tend to notice that you are lacking in storage space despite not having much applications on your phone. However, do keep in mind that all your photos, videos and audio files do take up a large portion of space cumulatively.

So to ensure that you have sufficient room in your phone, try deleting all your old files that you do not use. To clarify, you don’t need 12 of the same selfies in your gallery. If you do for whatever reason, do export all of them into a cloud storage such as iCloud or Google Drive. Same goes for your videos and audio files.

5. Keep Your Battery Happy

Credits: techlicious

Among all the intricate components in your smartphone, the first part that will show signs of dying will be your battery. So if you don’t want to keep having to buy a replacement battery, make sure to look after your phone’s battery well.

You can do so by keeping your power usage to a bare minimum, such as using dark modes or lowering your brightness. In addition, you should also turn off WiFi and Bluetooth if they are not in use.

Another extremely crucial step in keeping your battery healthy is to NEVER charge your phone overnight. Doing so will cause your battery to overheat resulting in internal damage.


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