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Here’s How You Can Avoid Back And Neck Problems While Working From Home

Due to the total lockdown in our country we are forced to start the WFH culture, many are suffering discomfort and pain in the lower back and neck region. There is an increase of cases of back and neck problems among Malaysian in the 25-40 age group from spending long hours in front of their screens.

However, it is important to remember that these problems can manifest into severe long term degenerative problems of the spine like slipped disc and sciatica pain. It’s no laughing matter! If you’re experiencing these back and neck issues, here are a couple of tips to help you while working from home:

Proper Workstation 

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It isn’t worth it to work on the kitchen counter or the side table of your living room if you’re going to be working from home at least a couple of months. Sadly, laying back on a couch or the bed is going to result in improper sitting and working positions. You don’t need a complete commercial set up, but having a table and chair with a cushion placed at the back of your chair to support your spine while sitting really is all you need for your workstation.

Screen Angle

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Whether it’s your PC screen or laptop screen, it matters as it could reduce incidences of neck pain. An ideal screen height and angle lets you view the screen without rotating or flexing your neck. A tip is to get a laptop stand or larger screen, or even just stack some books up to elevate your screen!


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As simple as it sounds, stretching in between hours of working can definitely help you with your spine, back muscles, and overall health. Try simple stretches like cat and cow posture, toe touches, leg and calf extensions, and head rotations are good for beginners. Stretching will not only help you with your back and neck, but also a great way to take a break from the screen and improve blood circulation and mental stimulation!

Mind Your Posture

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Good posture can be defined as a position your ear, shoulder, and pelvis are all aligned in a straight line. Naturally, we tend to lean forward while working on a laptop or sit in a slouched position which is the main culprit to injuries of the spine and back. A tip to maintaining good posture is to provide your back and neck with good support and consider getting a toadstool so that your feet are well supported. Also, keep your elbows at a 90-degree angle and change your position every few hours to avoid slouching.

Don’t Ignore The Aches

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If the pain in your back and neck persists over 6 weeks, accompanied by sensations of numbness while tingling starts to spread to the hip, legs, and foot region, do consult a physician immediately!

Have you been experiencing back and neck aches throughout the FMCO?


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