• Jonathan Shiek

Here’s How Hula Hooping Helps You Lose Weight!

Is lifting weights too tiring for you? Perhaps cardio is too boring? Well here’s an exercise that you might actually like. Plus, its super easy – Hula Hooping!

I know you might be rolling your eyes thinking “hey isn’t that just for kids?” well hear me out before you make your decision. See, workout researcher Lars Donath from the German Sport University in Cologne says that Hula Hooping can actually strengthen your hips, back, and stomach while also minimalising the risk for injuries as well.

Donath also added saying “studies has indicated that in a span of a week or two, hula hooping has indeed increased core strength and endurance, as well as noticeably reducing lower abdominal fat. Plus, it also helps with coordination.”

For those of you who are inclined to give hula hooping a go, Donath advices that you should start with 10 to 15 minutes daily and slowly progress on over to interval training where you will be hula hooping for 30-45 seconds and then taking a 10 second break followed by another 30-45 second session for about 15 sets.

If hula hooping alone gets a little too boring and easy, you can always opt to integrate other exercises into your routine. Or you can even invite other friends and families to join you. Either way, I am certain that hula hooping will be an extremely fun way of strengthening your body!


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