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Here’s a Useless List of How Smartphones Made Our Lives Better

Gotta say that the smartphone has changed our lives for the better since the early 00’s.

With Wawasan 2020 drawing to a close, we’ve though of a list of things that may make you look at how far we’ve come with various technology.

But tbh writing this resulted in me feeling super nostalgic instead 🙁

  1. The act of opening your fridge for no reason. Now we just open Facebook/Instagram/TikTok even though it’s still the same old posts on the feed. *ba dum tss*

2. Keypads. The clicky ones. I miss the ability to type accurately without looking at the screen. And the sound it makes. Now that’s the OG ASMR.

Shopee – Vintage Alarm Clock

3. Bulky but super ~aesthetic~ alarm clocks. Well, I never had them. But the smartphone has robbed my likelihood of owning one.

Remember when getting the perfect selfie was much harder?

4. Lugging a DSLR everywhere just for a selfie, even to a mamak, because why not.

Yo it’s the size of a pizza

5. Doing everything while attached to your beloved Walkman/iPod/MP3 player.

6. It looks like pretty soon it’s gonna replace carrying a wallet too.

Oh, the slide and swingset days.

7. Lest not forget, the chance to disappear for hours and nobody can find you. Now you need to switch off or leave your phone at home. But can you even leave your phone at home anymore? Doesn’t it make you feel like you stepped out naked?

8. Also can we remind ourselves the anxiety of wandering around your neighborhood trying to find your friends. And the thrill of finding their bikes/shoes outside someone’s house or spotting them at the park.

Would give anything to look as good as Jackie Burkhart speaking on the phone. / Credit: IMDB

9. Aaaand the anxiety of calling your crush for the first time and hoping their parents don’t answer and ask for your name, and potentially make a big deal out of it.

And then having your parents bust into your room because they followed the cable and it led to you, lying on your bed with your crush juuust about to confess they like you too.

Ahh….good times. Ready for 2021 yet?

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