• Jonathan Shiek

Here’s A List Of Therapists You Can Check Out To Manage Your Mental Health

With all that has been going on lately with the MCO 2.0, we realize many portals are releasing articles regarding mental breakdowns and people not handling the pandemic too well. If you tried out a couple of tips on managing stress or mental health at home and those don’t work, we highly suggest you check out a therapist to help ease your problems.

Seeing a therapist may sound a little scary, especially being vulnerable with a total stranger but there are so many benefits that you can get from talking to one. You may not find the right therapist at your first try, but look at it this way, it’s like making a friend where you’ll take many tries to find the right one! Therapists also have to keep your information confidential so you can get comfy and let out your frustrations.

Here’s a list of Malaysian based therapists that you could check out:

  1. WeCare – WhatsApp +6013-5188285 ;ranges around RM70 (trainees)

  2. Serene Psychological Service – WhatsApp +6018-7772242 ;ranges around RM50 (trainees)

  3. SOLS Health – WhatsApp +6018-6640247 ;ranges around RM50 (trainees)

  4. CPCS – Register on ;ranges around RM30 (trainees)

  5. MMHA – Register on MMHA ;ranges around RM50 (trainees)

  6. Soul Mechanics – Register on Soul Mechanics ;ranges around RM45

  7. Humankind Community Counseling – Register on Humankind ;ranges around RM50

  8. People Psychological Services – WhatsApp +6017-8992207 ;ranges around RM60


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