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Here Is What You Need To Know About Wang LeeHom's Exposé By Ex-Wife Lee Jing Lei

Credit: Taiwan News

Recently, Wang LeeHom has been getting a lot of attention all over social media, but not the good kind of attention. His soon-to-be ex-wife Lee Jing Lei exposed the American and Taiwanese singer-songwriter after the news of their divorce surfaced.

In her 9-page long post on her Instagram and Weibo account, Lee revealed that Wang had multiple cheating scandals over the years, and even subtly exposed that Wang may be bi. Lee said that Wang LeeHom only cared about his image and reputation, while she was continuously doubted, humiliated, and emotionally abused by him and his family over the years of marriage.

She added that Wang had multiple sex partners, girlfriends, and even hired prostitutes before their marriage. Wang allegedly continued to have sex partners even after getting married to Lee. Oddly enough, she used both male and female pronouns when addressing this.

Meanwhile, after Lee exposed that BY2's Yumi Bai was one of the sex partners and allegedly sent nudes to Wang during his birthday, the Singaporean and Taiwanese singer came forward to deny allegations. Yumi filed a police report and posted a screenshot that was accompanied by a caption saying "Gossip is a fearsome thing, public clamor can melt metal, language kills. Sorry to inconvenience the police in the middle of the night, your work is appreciated!"

Lee stood her ground and reposted BY2's post with "Please give me the police contact info. I will provide the evidence. Thank you." Another "friends with benefits" that was revealed by Lee was Vivian Hsu, which also tried to clear her name on social media.

Due to the exposé, many brands cut ties with Wang LeeHom, including Japanese auto brand Infiniti, Readboy, Chow Tai Seng Jewellery Co, and Green Monday. Netizens also noticed that the King of Mandopop Jay Chou also unfollowed Wang on Instagram after the scandal.

In response to Lee's post, Wang LeeHom's father shared 2 handwritten letters to the media saying that Lee used her pregnancy to threaten the family and would ruin Wang's career if they don't get married. Lee replied with, "It is heartbreaking and unbelievable to see Father Wang telling such lies and taking such photos for his 45-year-old son at such an old age. We are all adults, we should face things by ourselves and bear the responsibilities of things we have done. I didn’t want to talk about it too much, but it’s a shame I have to talk about it publicly.”

Lee also shared a screenshot of Wang sending her a message saying, "Give you the WuJiang condo and you tell the media today that your accusations were groundless. You’ve just been too upset, and not feeling well, so (you) were not thinking clearly. Leehom is not guilty of those things and you apologize.”

What do you think about the whole scandal?

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