• Jonathan Shiek

Here Is How The 10,000-Year-Old Perak Man Looks Like

If you have come across a photo of a shirtless bearded man on the news lately, chances are, you have already seen the face of the 10,000-year-old Perak Man whose remains were found buried in a cave in Lenggong Valley back in 1990.

Thanks to a team at Universiti Sains Malaysia and their virtual 3D modelling technology, they were able to produce a facial representation of the historical Perak Man.

By scanning and digitally reconstructing the man’s skull, as well as using a modelling software to graft muscles, tendons and flesh onto the bones, the team has managed to generate a sketch of the man’s portrait that is now available for all eyes to see.

However, scientists also found the Perak Man’s head to be considerably smaller in size compared to an average modern man’s and even among those that were found in studies conducted overseas.

This led them to believe that the Perak Man might have had a physical disability, which he managed to overcome “by developing proficient hunting skills, or perhaps he rarely hunted and took on other tasks,” the researchers wrote in an editorial published in the Malaysian Journal of Medical Sciences.

Since the Perak Man was discovered as the only person to be buried in the middle of the highest cave in Lenggong, it is believed that he was highly respected and could have been the most knowledgeable person in a group regarding survival, hunting or other aspects in the Paleolithic daily life.



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