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Here Are Ways To Reduce Maskne And Skin Chafing During The Pandemic

It’s pandemic season, while it is still mandatory to have your face mask on when you’re out in public, we decided to hit you up with a couple of tips on how to reduce skin chafing. Mask acne and skin chafing happens to a lot of us, especially those with sensitive skin as it can get red and even raw when it gets worse. What’s worse is, health experts are urging people to double mask for better protection due to the deadly Delta variant, so skin breathability is further affected by this.

Wear The Right Mask 

The best way to avoid getting chafed skin is to make sure you’re wearing the right mask. You should always look for a comfortable fit, not one that is too loose or too tight on your face. A poorly fitted mask can irritate your skin. Another tip is to get masks that are made with soft, natural, and breathable fabrics like cotton as the inside layer that rests against your skin. 

Cleanse And Moisturise Daily

Of course the most important rule is to wash and clean your face every day, but for sensitive and dry skin, you’ll probably need to use a more gentle cleanser that not only cleans your face thoroughly but also replenishes moisture without stripping away natural protective oils. A local brand, Koolit carries a range of products that cater to those with sensitive skin. You could try out the Gentle Body Wash or Cooling Facial Cleanser which soothes facial irritation within 2 minutes, cleans thoroughly, and replenishes skin appearance. As for moisturising, opt for Koolit’s Soothing Lotion or Cooling Facial Moisturiser that helps combat dryness, itchiness, and replenish healthy skin appearance!

Koolit is known for its key ingredient, licorice root extract which is not only know to help control and reduce acne, but is scientifically proven to be high in anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties which help relieve dry, itchy, and irritated skin. 

A loyal user of Koolit’s Calming Cream and Soothing Lotion, Nur, highly recommends their products as she found the products to be gentle and helps her skin condition. Nur also mentioned that she started to see improvements after a week or so by consistently using the products. Koolit is suitable from head to toe.

Use Less Of Certain Skin Care Products 

The saying, “less is more” applies to skin care as well! Using skin care products with too many added chemicals may irritate your skin. Certified dermatologist recommends cutting back products that can irritate your skin like leave-on SLS, salicylic acid, retinoid, and aftershave. Instead, choose products which are hypoallergenic, contain natural active ingredients and free from harsh chemical peels. 

If possible, go fragrance-free to avoid unnecessary skin triggers. However, if you do choose scented products, make a quick fragrance check to ensure the fragrance is certified safe by IFRA and especially safe on sensitive skin. The best thing about Koolit is, they don’t carry excessive or unnecessary ingredients for your skin. 

Take Mask Breaks

Many healthcare professionals found this tip very useful to save their skin, but of course you should only remove your mask after washing your hands and when you’re in a safe space like inside your car or at home. It is important to take a breather once in a while.

Wash Your Cloth Masks Properly

It is recommended by health care organisations to wash your cloth mask after each use to remove oils and skin cells collected inside the mask, which inevitably leads to skin problems. Be sure to follow the washing instructions on each mask, wash them in hot water unless the instructions say otherwise, and try using a fragrance-free, hypoallergenic laundry detergent.

Koolit is actually giving FREE SHIPPING for a limited time! You can check them out at MyKoolit and we’ve partnered with them to give you 15% off storewide on their website with promo code “STARTKOOLIT”. They are also available at Watsons, Multicare, AA, and pharmacies near you! Let us know what other tips you use to avoid getting maskne and chafed skin!

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