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Here Are 7 Things Malaysians Spend The Most Money On Every Month

In case you need any indication of Malaysians’ struggles against the country’s rising cost of living, the Department of Statistics previously published a data that shows an average Malaysian household monthly expenditure. It turns out most Malaysians in 2019 spent a large chunk of their fortune on basic necessities like housing, food, and transportation costs, and that’s not even including extra shopping or entertainment costs.

And considering this data was collected before the pandemic happened, we can probably expect the new data to show an increase in healthcare, housing or grocery expenditure for Malaysians in lockdown.

1. Housing and amenities

On average, Malaysians in 2019 spent RM1,068 a month on housing, water, electricity, gas, and other fuels. This budget comes up to 23.6% of the total spending for an average household, which really goes to show how expensive housing costs have grown for Malaysians, especially when compared to the country’s relatively low minimum wage amount.

2. Food and drinks aka groceries

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To be clear, this data shows the amount of money average Malaysian households spend on buying groceries like fish, meat, and bread. It doesn’t even exclude the extra money that we spend on eating out at fancy restaurants, yet we already spent RM783 on basic food and drinks in 2019, which take up 17.83% of the total monthly spending – cries.

3. Transportation

In 2019, Malaysians spend RM611 on transportation every month, which probably includes public transportation fees as well as petrol, toll fare and instalment payments for those who own a car. But since we’re stuck at home right now, we can probably save more on transportation, and instead spend that money on paying our skyrocketing electricity bills – RIP.

4. Eating out

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As Malaysians, we really can’t say no to dining out at our favourite restaurants to enjoy all the delicious food, which is why lockdown is hitting us extra hard right now. Back in 2019 when dine-in restrictions weren’t a thing, Malaysians would spend RM604 a month on eating out. I can only imagine how this amount would probably double once this pandemic is over because we’re all so ready to splurge on our favourite food then.

5. Recreational services and culture

Malaysians are also pretty active people considering most of us spent RM229 a month on leisure activities like going to the gym and watching movies in 2019. Though with the current lockdown in place, we can probably expect to save more from this spending.

6. Communications

Malaysians in 2019 spent 5% of their monthly spending aka RM229 on communications, which includes mobile phones, data plan and WiFi services. While our internet speed and coverage have probably improved since then, our internet prices have also steadily increased throughout the years.

7. Home and maintenance

Rounding up the top 7 monthly expenditure is another essential spending – maintenance. In order to have a functional home to live in, Malaysians had to fork out RM200 every month on furnishings, repairs, household equipment and routine maintenance. It really isn’t cheap just to survive these days…


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