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Health Ministry Received Clinical Data From Pfizer On The Vaccine

Khairy Jamaluddin mentioned that The National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency under the Health Ministry had just received the clinical data from Pfizer regarding the coronavirus vaccine. The supply of the vaccines will be expected to be received in the first quarter of 2021, compromising 12.8 million doses to help immunize 6.4 million Malaysians. 

The Malaysian government sealed the deal with Pfizer on 24 November, reports show that the vaccine had an efficiency rate of 95% in preventing Covid-19 infections. Pfizer’s vaccine had received Emergency Use Authorization from 7 other countries which includes the UK, the US, Bahrain, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and Singapore.

The priority list announcement will be made on later dates, so don’t forget to keep yourself updated!

Source: The Star

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