• Jonathan Shiek

Headache Here, Headache There

During this pandemic many stores have taken its toll, many smaller stores have closed down, restrictions were being imposed which many have decided to shop online. Store managers are constantly adapting to these rapid changes presented to them.

Now with the CMCO being implemented, restrictions have been eased down. Many get the chance to go on a shopping spree once again, but is it the best decision? With the current CMCO and many excited customers, this could pose a problem for stores understaffed handling the surge of sales.

Nur Farah Ain, 32, an assistant store manager at the toy franchise’s 1 Utama Shopping Mall outlet, in Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya said “the number of people coming in and out of Hamley’s has gone up”

“Usually in the morning it’s empty until about 4 pm, but nowadays, we have customers coming in at all times of the day,” she added.

For retailers, among the hardest hit by the pandemic, the sight of large crowds provided relief and optimism after months of sluggish sales.

Malls, restaurants, chain stores, and more were forced to shut for months as part of restrictions enforced to contain Covid-19, plunging sales by as much as 30.9 percent in the April to June 2020 period to post the sector’s worst quarterly performance to date.

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