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Have You Ever Wondered Why K-Pop Gets So Much Hate?

K-Pop first gained international notoriety way back in the early 2000’s and is even more popular now with Big Bang, Super Junior, and Girls Generation paving the way for new artists such as Blackpink, BTS, and Twice.

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K-Pop now has millions of fans globally and some of these fans are really ‘Die-Hard’ for their favorite artists. Though unfortunately, as the K-Pop scene has grown into somewhat of a cult following, the haters has grown as well. But why? Surely an industry that brings so much joy to people can’t be hated right?

The ‘hate’ was initially just some netizens playfully creating memes about how Korean men and women were ‘unnatural’ or how some Korean men were girls in disguise. Over the years however, more hate towards the industry has exuded into something of a toxic culture. One of the reasons for the hate, can be attributed to an issue that unfortunately, is deeply rooted in society – Racism.

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Recently, a German radio DJ came under fire from the BTS Army for comparing BTS to the COVID-19 virus. The radio DJ, Matthias Matuschik described them as “some crappy virus that hopefully there will be a vaccine for soon as well”. Although the DJ has since issued an apology, the surprising fact about this incident is that netizens were on the DJ’s side claiming that the BTS fanbase was being toxic instead (Excuse me, WHAT?).

Another reason K-Pop gets hated on so much could be because it is the ‘IN’ thing to do. How many of you actually have a valid reason for hating on K-Pop? Or perhaps we hate on it just because our peers do. If we think about it carefully, K-Pop is merely a music genre and it is fine if you aren’t a fan of it but hating on it just because others do not only symbolizes our societal tendency towards heard mentality, it also demonstrates a lack of awareness towards major issues plaguing us.

Now I get that we all have our own genre of music and we may not necessarily like K-Pop or anything related to it but is it really necessary to hate on it? What benefit does hating something you may not understand bring you? I hope we can all get along and thrive on our differences rather than use it as a catalyst to start a war.


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