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Haunted House That Inspired 'The Conjuring' Is Now For Sale For RM5 Million

Credits: Rhode Island Monthly

Most of the time in horror movies, people unknowingly move into a haunted house and start experiencing spooky sightings. But how would you like to move into a haunted house intentionally? And not just any ordinary creepy house, we're talking about the infamous house that inspired 'The Conjuring' movie.

Branded as one of the most well-known haunted houses in the US, the 14-room farmhouse in Burrillville, Rhode Island has just been listed on the market for US$1.2 million (RM5 million). The 3,100 sq ft home sits on 8.5 acres of land and is said to be haunted by the spirit of Bathsheba Sherman, who lived in the house in the 1800s.

Although the horror movie wasn't filmed in the house itself, the story was written based on the experiences of the Perron family who lived there in the 1970s. Even until today, many sightings are still being reported at the house.

In fact, the house is so popular that the previous owners even hosted events at their home and rented out rooms to visitors who are dying (pun intended) to experience something spooky. Meanwhile, the owners before that didn't seem to be bothered by any ghostly encounters, but more so by trespassing movie fans who are eager to visit the site.


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