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Harvard Study Says The Polluted Air We Breathe In Office Is Making Us Dumber

With the ease of restrictions in SOPs, many people are now (reluctantly) gearing up to return to office, where we can supposedly work in a more conducive environment. But a recent study by Harvard University shows that this might not be true, because there's something about the air in office... that makes us dumb?

The study gathered participants from 42 offices in the US, UK, Thailand, China, India, and Mexico. Each participant was given an air sensor to place it on their work desk to measure the carbon dioxide level and tiny particles in the air. Throughout the year-long study, participants are also required to answer a series of cognitive tests.

Based on the findings from the air sensor readings and participants' cognitive test results, the researchers were able to deduce that employees who work in a more polluted atmosphere tend to score lower on their cognitive tests.

“The office air you breathe is having an immediate impact on your cognitive function. This means even good buildings have room to improve," said Joseph Allen, associate professor at Harvard’s School of Public Health.

Even if a person is really focused in their task, the dirty air can still make them appear noticeably slower than someone who gets to work in an environment with cleaner air. So what do you think, are you ready to start working from office again?


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