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Harry Potter and the Controversial Controversies

The highly anticipated Harry Potter RPG, Hogwarts Legacy that allows you to play a Hogwarts student discovering magical abilities in the 1800s has been making a splash recently. Unfortunately the splash is the kind that happens when you least expect it and ruins your perfectly dapper white outfit while also leaving a bad taste in your mouth.

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It first started when lead designer Troy Leavitt, was discovered to have pro-Gamer Gate views. In his YouTube channel, Troy was explicitly expressing opinions of anti-feminist and showing support for men accused of sexual harassment. Since then, he has resigned from the project but the bad news doesn’t stop there unfortunately.

Many gamers are now swearing that they will boycott the game when it releases. This is largely in part to popular gaming forum, Resetera announcing that “a total ban on threads for promotional media for the game… no threads for trailers or official announcements, no hype threads, no fluff pieces about its features” is to be made about the game. Thus coercing gamers into following suit.

So what does this mean for Hogwarts Legacy? What about the gamers who are wanting to bypass the politics and just play the game? Well it still seems unlikely that the project will be cancelled completely… for now, but I can definitely say that it will be delayed for a while. It might also be a good break for the team behind Hogwarts Legacy. Perhaps they should spend some time trying to win back their former fans too.

Will you still play the game when it is released?


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