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Gyms Will Be Reopening In Phase 2 & 3 States For Fully Vaccinated Individuals

Credit: Malay Mail

According to Datuk Seri Ti Lian Ker, gyms in states under Phase 2 and 3 will soon be able to reopen once the SOPs have been finalised. He also added that this only applies to those who have completed their vaccination.

The Deputy Youth and Sports Minister mentioned that those operating the gyms will need to adhere to existing SOPs like observing social distancing, wearing masks, sanitising hands, and sanitising equipment. "Operators need to be fully vaccinated to open their premises," he said.

While both outdoor and indoor sports activities are now allowed to resume, Ti said there will be additional SOPs for gyms and sports facility operators. “Once the SOP has been gazetted and published, the operators are allowed to open. There were some initial concerns by the Health Ministry about ventilation issues but these are being resolved,” he said.


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