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Guest Photos Of Vera Wang At Her 72nd Bday Went Viral For Looking Different From Her Own Photos

A few weeks back, American fashion designer Vera Wang celebrated her 72nd birthday at a party surrounded by her group of designer, model and celebrity friends. But the highlight of the story was when Vera took to Instagram to post photos of that night and amazed everyone with how young she looks, not just for her age, but in general.

I mean, judging by these photos of her in a stunning neon dress that shows off her slim and toned figure, Vera looks like she could pass off for someone who’s in her 30s at most!

Credits: Vera Wang (Instagram)

But in another set of photos posted by fellow designer Donna Karan, who was present at the birthday party, people couldn’t help but notice how different Vera looks in Donna’s photo, as compared to the photos she had posted of herself.

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Now, Donna probably didn’t mean harm as she was just trying to wish her friend a happy birthday, but the harsh lighting and unflattering angle of the photo certainly did not do Vera any justice. Since Donna’s photos of Vera went viral on the internet, some netizens even teased that Donna might no longer be invited to Vera’s parties anymore.

That said, it’s worth reminding everyone that there’s nothing wrong with aging and looking your age. At 72 years old, Vera still looks great, with or without the possible editing. Though personally, I think she should’ve posted a disclaimer about her edited photos, just to avoid setting any unrealistic beauty standards for someone her age.


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