• Jonathan Shiek

Gucci’s New Virtual 25 Sneakers Can Be “Worn” In Roblox And VRChat

If you ever feel like flexing your Gucci sneakers but are too broke to own one (I feel you), here’s a chance for you to own a pair of Gucci sneakers, virtually, for just $12.99 (RM53) from Gucci’s app or $8.99 (RM37) from the Wanna Kicks AR Sneaker app.

Introducing the Gucci Virtual 25 sneakers that were created by Gucci in partnership with Wanna, a company that specializes in providing AR technology for marketing.

Designed by Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele, the virtual sneakers feature a chunky, neon green, and pink look, along with the iconic “GC” logo.

Users can “try on” the Virtual 25s in Wanna’s app at a cheaper price, but those who wish to download the sneakers and “wear” them in other apps like Roblox or VRChat will have to purchase them in Gucci’s app, at a slightly higher price but still much more affordable than a physical pair of Gucci sneakers nonetheless.


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