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Gua Sha: Ancient Chinese Practice And TikTok’s New Beauty Trend

From celebrities on Vogue Beauty Secrets to regular folks on TikTok, everyone seems to be hopping onboard the Gua Sha train lately. But what is so special about this flat little piece of jade stone?

For starters, Gua Sha isn’t the name of the beauty tool. Instead, Gua Sha is actually an ancient Chinese healing technique that’s used to promote the circulation and balance of chi (energy) in our body. As Chinese believe that blocked chi is the cause of pain and stiffness, they would use Gua Sha tools to scrape and massage the body to ensure the chi is able to flow smoothly.

During the Gua Sha process, it’s normal to see light bruising on our skin as this proves that it’s effective in flushing the toxins out of your body’s tissue. This is said to help improve the firmness, tone and elasticity of our skin, which is why many people have exclaimed how Gua Sha has made their face appear more sculpted and toned.


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So how does one use a Gua Sha tool properly? First things first, your Gua Sha tool doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive piece of jade or crystal stone, because as long as you’re doing it right, the material of your Gua Sha tool isn’t even that important.

Some people prefer to keep their Gua Sha tool in the fridge or a bowl of ice for 10 minutes before using it so the coolness would help in depuffing your face. After washing and drying your face, make sure to apply some serum or facial oil on your skin before using the Gua Sha tool as the abrasion on dry skin may feel uncomfortable.


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Angle your Gua Sha tool against your skin and scrape it along your neck, chin and jawline. Remember to do it gently without intense pressure or pulling. Repeat the motion upwards and outwards several times to improve circulation.

However, if your skin starts getting serious red and purple bruises, then it’s best to avoid performing Gua Sha for a while to let the bruise heal. Additionally, you can place an ice pack over the bruised area to reduce inflammation. Those who tend to bleed easily or are taking blood thinning medication are also advised to avoid Gua Sha.

Have you tried Gua Sha before and are you a fan of this practice? Let us know!


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