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Grocery Store In Johor Puts Up Racist Sign At A Food Bank That Discriminates Indians

Malaysia is a multicultural country where everyone is in the same boat, dealing with the pandemic together, not one single race is being exempted during these tough times. However, this grocery store in Johor decided to put up a sign to discriminate against Indians at a food bank. The sign read, “Indians not allowed to take food aid for the time being.”

Naturally, these sort of racist act caught netizens’ attention and it started circulating around. Two Indian men decided to take action and visited the grocery store to confront the store managers. In the clip, you can hear an Indian man saying, “We received information from the public that there are free food items being given out but it is stated that it is not meant for Indians. It is only for Malays and others. None for Indians. Now we’re here to solve the problem.”

Credit: SAYS

The man behind the camera focused on a representative from the store while he explained, “We serve all members of the community without taking into account race or religion. That’s a stand we’ve taken all this while and before this, a lot of people have come to take items from the food bank. It has never been an issue.” Confused, the man behind the camera asked, “Then why did you write that Indians are not allowed?”

Another store manager stepped up and answered, “There was a mistake there. We had other issues but we apologise and we’ve removed it, so now anyone is allowed.” Following the incident, Sultan of Johor issued a statement on Facebook urging people to offer aid without discrimination against different races. “His Majesty said that in the current situation, all people have fallen on hard times and are facing unbearable difficulties, regardless of their race or religion. If you want to help, please be sincere by helping anyone in need. Do not discriminate along ethnic line.”

It’s already hard enough living in a pandemic where people are short on food and necessities, let’s stop discrimination and start helping each other.


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