• Jonathan Shiek

Graduate Student Makes Masks Using Cotton Candy, What!

Mahesh M. Bardi, a graduate student of the Okinawa Institute of Science, has discovered a new way to innovate a way bringing down the cost of creating masks familiar to N95: using a cotton candy machine. 

This new technique involves heating ordinary plastics such as plastic bags, bottles, or shopping bags. Followed by putting them into a cotton candy machine. The machine spins the plastic turning it into a similar substance like cotton candy.

Bandi then combined these charged fibers into masks that he designed himself using a 3D printer. Concept validation, but it’s unclear whether the process will be easy to replicate in mass production environments. 

N95 masks are expensive to make, and even if they are made a limited quantity could only be distributed. If you wanna geek out read his full coverage.

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