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Grab Indonesia To Set Up Drive-Thru Vaccination Services Throughout Indonesia

Indonesia’s government will be collaborating with Southeast Asia’s ride-hailing giant, Grab Holdings Inc to set up drive-thru vaccination services across Indonesia to help the country inoculate more than 180 million people against the coronavirus. President of Grab Indonesia said that the programme kicked off on Sunday at the resort island of Bali, which is the first to be done in Southeast Asia.

Indonesia is aggressively rolling out the drive-thru vaccination services across the country as the government made it mandatory for eligible citizens to take the shot. The Grab vaccine centre in Bali is prepared to dispense 840 shots daily, for a total of 5,000 vaccinations in a week. Apparently, the plan is to vaccinate about 70 million people by August 2021.

The first drive-thru centre plans to vaccinate 2,500 drivers in the transportation sector, including Grab drivers, delivery partners, and 2,500 public sector workers working in Bali’s tourism sector. They mentioned that more drive-thru centres will be set up very soon in more cities.

Do you think Malaysia should start this drive-thru effort to speed up the vaccination process?


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