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Government To Decide On New SOPs As Covid-19 Becomes Endemic In Malaysia By End Of October

Credits: The Straits Times

For the past year and a half, we’ve practically been hearing the words ‘Covid-19’, ‘virus’, and ‘pandemic’ every hour of every day. But pretty soon, we may need to start getting used to a new term - endemic. While pandemic refers to a disease that’s spread over multiple countries and continents, endemic is when the disease outbreak is consistently present in a particular region.

That said, Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin has announced that the government is currently drafting a new set of SOPs to prepare Malaysians as Covid-19 becomes endemic in Malaysia. Which means that as much as we hate to admit it, we have to accept that this virus is here to stay for a while.

“There is an effort for us to accept that Covid-19 is endemic, meaning we have to accept reality that no matter how much we succeed in controlling the pandemic from the aspect of deaths and hospitalisation rates, we should be prepared to accept the reality that it will be endemic and we will have to live with this virus,” said Khairy.

However, Malaysia is not the first country to treat Covid-19 as endemic as Khairy added that several other developed countries have also adopted the same approach, saying “This is the new norm that will be introduced for us to ensure that we can live and remain safe even though the virus is among us.”

For now, the Health Minister said the ministry will wait until the end of October when about 80% of the population is vaccinated before transitioning into an endemic phase.


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