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Google Releases New Features That Let You Draw Missing Roads on Google Maps

In a new update, Google Maps has now allowed users to draw missing roads directly onto the map. However it is currently only allowed on the desktop app. Furthermore, and thankfully, should you be inclined to draw a phallic shaped road as part of a prank, Google has implemented certain safeguards preventing such obscene gestures.

Prior to the update, you could only add in a ‘pin’, type a road name and write a note. Whereas now, you can actually add specific details such as, which way the road went, how long it was, and the nature of its curve. So now, you can feel just like Dora the Explorer… if that’s what you’re into.

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In an attempt to renovate the way we review our local hangout spots, Google Maps has also released a new feature that lets you upload real-time photos of the restaurant, café, hiking trail or basically anywhere that is registered with Google under the vast blue sky.

According to Google Maps’ Director of Product Kevin Reece, the update allows people to gain better insight about the establishment such as, if a restaurant’s outdoor dining area is shaded on hot days or how crowded a parking lot is. As it stands, there is already a feature that allows you to upload photos to Google Maps, but the new updates intends to focus on recent images.

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Oh and much like the drawing feature, this real-time photo update will be regulated as well, to ensure certain unsightly images are not ‘accidentally’ uploaded.

The new map drawing update will be released in over 80 countries over the coming months and the photo updates will be coming shortly in the following weeks.


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