• Jonathan Shiek

Google Might be Working on a ‘Game Mode’ for Chrome OS

Rumors circulating around the tech community indicates that Google has ordered their software engineers to begin development on a ‘Game Mode’ for their Chromebooks. The new ‘Game Mode’ is said to be based off a Steam gaming container called ‘Borealis’.

As more people are inclined to casually game on the go nowadays, it would make apparent sense that Google adds in a ‘Game Mode’ feature. Most Chromebook owners technically don’t engage in prolonged or hardcore gaming but with the new feature, that might change.

There is currently very little information about this new feature. Speculations do suggest that much like any other gaming feature, Google’s feature will also share many similar items such as pointer lock and performance priority on the gaming window along with screen recording.

In an article and screenshot from the program’s execution on ChromeUnboxed, the ‘Game Mode’ only comes alive once the Borealis window is engaged in full-screen. In addition, a comment made by Chromium Gerrit states that the ‘Game Mode’ feature has not been implemented and any attempts to run it results in a crash (not BSOD).


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