• Jonathan Shiek

Google Is Producing Their Own Smartphone Chipset For The Pixel 6

According to a statement released by 9to5google, Google is most likely to be releasing the Pixel 6 along with their very own GS101 Whitechapel chipset. There isn’t a lot of details in regards to the exact performance specifications of the Google chip yet, but there are rumours that it will most likely resemble the Samsung Exynos chips.

Google has yet to release an official statement on the leak so there are no news on the release date, pricing, and exact specs regarding the Pixel 6 that will most likely be equipped with the new chipset. The Google Pixel smartphone range always had good reviews from users who’ve bought and used it, so I’m excited to see what this new Pixel 6 will bring to the table!

What do you think about Google producing their own chipset?


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