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Good Samaritans Used An Umbrella And USB Cord To Rescue A Cat That Fell Into Singapore Canal

A clip of 6 people in Singapore rescuing a cat that fell into a canal went viral, as the rescuers devised a contraption using an umbrella and a USB cable. Thumbs up for emergency creativity!

In the viral post, Jessica Tse mentioned that she was on her way home with her husband around evening, after bringing their son to get vaccinated at Jalan Besar. “There was already a man there with an extended dustpan trying to scoop the cat out, but it kept falling off. Soon after, another man came with a net, which also didn’t work,” she said.

Both Tse and her husband decided to lend a hand. “My husband and I had our umbrella with us, and I had my phone charger USB cord with me, so I used that to tie a tight knot to secure the umbrella to the long stick, which worked.” After securing all the parts together, around 6 people gathered by the railing to help out.

2 men were seen climbing over the railing and holding on to the contraption while lowering it into the water to coordinate their rescue. In the clip, one man held on to a fishing net with a long stick, while Tse's husband held on to a stick tied to an umbrella.

The man holding on to the fishing net nudged the cat onto the opened umbrella, while another person lifted the umbrella out of the water like a scoop. They were barely successful in their attempt, the crowd even let out sighs of relief and started applauding.

Kudos to the group of people for saving the cat that was said to belong to a nearby resident!


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