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Good News For SPM 2020 Candidates, Exam Format Will Stay The Same

With so many things changing in the past year, it is a nice reassurance for SPM 2020 candidates to know that the exam format will remain similar while they prepare for their upcoming national exams.

This news was confirmed by Ministry of Education’s (MOE) Examination Syndicate director, Datuk Pkharrudin Ghazali who refuted a previous newspaper report that sparked speculation about possible exam format changes.

He assured that in order to maintain the international standard of SPM certificates, any changes made to the question format and curriculum would require three to five years of prior research to ensure the examination quality.

“The SPM certificate is of international standard and that is why it cannot be changed arbitrarily. Otherwise, our certificates will be invalid, our children will not be able to pursue further studies abroad, cannot obtain scholarships or find jobs,” said Pkharuddin.

Since the pandemic began, the SPM 2020 examinations have been postponed twice, arising in concern and frustration among some candidates. Therefore, in the latest news, Pkharrudin explained that the SPM 2020 exam papers will be marked online to speed up the marking process and release of results for students.

Students can also rest assured knowing that the exams will observe strict SOPs as all candidates are required to wear a face mask at all times and submit a daily health declaration before entering the exam venue.

Candidates who are diagnosed as unwell by clinics or hospitals are advised to contact the school authorities and sit for the exam in the hospital.

As for candidates who have tested positive for Covid-19 or are instructed to observe quarantine, they will be required to produce their certified documents before they can sit for the rescheduled examinations in a separate session.


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