• Jonathan Shiek

God Of War 5 Ragnorak Teases A Cross Gen

How could we possibly forget all the memories that were made playing the God of War franchise? The most anticipated game God of War 5 will be released on PS5 & PS4. According to former Santa Monica employee David Jaffe. 

Seems like #GodOfWarRagnarok will be cross-gen title after all! “I’m sure the next #GodofWar will be #PS4,#PS5. Of course it will” david jaffe says. W or L?🤔 — Joe Miller (@JoeMiller101) January 6, 2021

On the livestream, Jaffe commented on the release of God of War 5 Ragnarök. “I’m sure the next God of War will be PS4, PS5,” Jaffe said. “Of course it will.”

We can expect the game to reap its benefits using the next gen console. Experiencing a new level of gameplay & stunning graphics  playing a game that has become an absolute timeless piece. We still don’t know when the release date will be, but we can expect what’s to come.

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