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Gifts For Her This Christmas

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

People of the opposite sex never really know what each other are looking for in a gift, so hopefully this short gift guide could save you from tears. Although, keep in mind that it’s always the thought that counts and not the price of a present!


Diffusers are trending at the moment as they are super functional and multipurpose. You’ll not only be able to clear and rehydrate the room, adding different essential oils to the diffuser can serve various purposes. For example adding lavender oil will be able to alleviate headaches and relaxes you, while chamomile oil helps with anxiety and also insomnia.


Fragrances are sort of a gift 101 for many women, you can hardly go wrong with this. A simple tip to picking out a fragrance is to get one that suits their personality or pick one that smells similar to their current fragrance.

Functional Tote Bag

Tote bags can store just about anything, like laptops, water bottles, makeup pouch, purse, etc. It’s a purposeful gift and not on the pricey side. Get one that has slots and pockets on the inside for functionality, and pick out a neutral colour if you don’t already know her favourite colour.

Storage Organizer

Women that have lots of skin care and make up would appreciate storage boxes that fit their vanity/ toilet counter. It helps organize their essentials and also adds as a decoration piece in their room.

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