• Jonathan Shiek

Get Your Pet A ‘Puppuccino’ During Coffee Runs At This Starbucks Outlet In Malaysia

If you’re a pet owner then you’re gonna want to hear this! A specific Starbucks outlet in Malaysia is selling a pet-friendly Starbucks drink called the “Puppuccino” (even the name is adorable)! Imagine going on a coffee date with your pet at Starbucks while you both enjoy a cuppa! You know what they say, a dog is a man’s best friend.

The Puppuccino drink is a cup of sugar-free and low fat whipped cream that is certified pet-friendly. The drink is cold with a strong milky fragrant, which is only priced at RM7! Pet owners who gave their pet the Puppuccino mentioned that even when it is sugar-free, it is actually quite sweet, so they don’t recommend feeding it to your pet too often.

The outlet that serves this adorable drink is located at The Square, Jaya One. Jaya One was already labelled as a pet-friendly area to bring your pets while shopping or eating, so we’re not surprised that Starbucks adopted this idea there. A note you should keep in mind is that, while they do serve this pet-friendly drink, pets are not allowed inside the Starbucks outlet, only able to be seated outdoors.

Either way, I’m glad more places are open to the pet-friendly idea! Would you get a Puppuccino for your pet?


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