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Get Ready Malaysians, Because We Are Finally Getting Disney+ This June!

If you’re one of those viewers who’ve been relying on Torrent or other pirated streaming sites just to watch the latest Marvel shows, then here’s some good news for you because you can soon enjoy watching your favourite Disney and Marvel films on the actual Disney+ platform in Malaysia!

After what seems like forever, the Walt Disney Company has finally announced that they will be making their Disney+ Hotstar streaming platform available in Malaysia starting 1 June this year.

And unlike regular Disney+, Disney+ Hotstar will feature a wide variety of local and international content to cater to the Malaysian audience! This is thanks to a collaboration between Astro and The Walt Disney Company to support Malaysian films.

In fact, both companies will be working closely with several local film studios through a series of multi-year agreements to provide a platform for these studios to showcase their work. Among the local films that are set to premiere on Disney+ Hotstar include J2: J Retribusi, Zombitopia, Ada Hantu, and Ejen Ali The Movie 2.

Credits: Goggler

Disney+ Hotstar subscribers will be able to stream simultaneously on two devices, which include compatible mobile devices and connected TV devices, while the majority of content are available for download on mobile and tablet.

You can subscribe directly to Disney+ Hotstar streaming service for RM54.90 (US$13.36) for three months. Alternatively, you can also purchase the service through special packages with Astro, for access to an extensive collection of content.

Unfortunately, that’s all the details we have so far so those who are eager to subscribe to Disney+ Hotstar, you will have to stay tuned for more updates about the prices and packages available. For more information about Disney+ Hotstar, visit this website.


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