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Get Ready Boys, Short Shorts Are Back In Style

Remember when you would flip open your parent’s old photo album and boom you’re hit with tons of pictures of your dad rocking those short shorts in the 70s and 80s? You’re probably rolling your eyes at the image right now but guess what, short shorts are officially making a comeback in fashion!

All over TikTok, men are spotted wearing short shorts, each one shorter than the one before. There’s even a whole hashtag dedicated to the trend – #5inchseam, which houses tons of videos with over 28.6 million views!

A quick scroll through the hashtag and you may notice that it’s not just the short athletic shorts that are coming back in style, we’re talking about men’s bermuda shorts, dock shorts, board shorts, all of which are spotting the 5 inch inseam trend.

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While it’s natural for some to worry about the look (it’s not easy to get used to a new style overnight, especially one that requires you to show much more skin), most people on TikTok seem to be loving the new trend, especially the girls!

There’s even a new movement on Twitter that’s basically just women convincing men to start wearing 5 inch shorts to instantly look more attractive.

at this point you don’t even have to be 6 foot to be hot. you just need to wear 5” shorts. guys please throw your knee length shorts in the trash. — sav (@averagecupofjo) July 27, 2020
men i am begging you all pls wear crop tops and 5” inseam shorts this summer — andrea🌻 (@andreaeatsasss) April 4, 2021

But at the end of the day, it’s all about being comfortable with yourself, no matter what you wear (as long as you’re wearing something). Still, let us know what you think about this trend, especially the guys! Do you think you’re ready to rock them short shorts this summer?


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