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Get Paid $500,000 To Design A Mask That Is “Less Annoying”

The pandemic hit us just over a year ago, and different companies have been trying to create a variety of masks to give more comfort, style, and of course safety for people. However, there were companies and brands that worked on masks that turned into unsafe fashion pieces, RGB nightmares, and other stylish but not-so-functional pieces.

If you have an idea for a “less annoying” mask design then you should look up on the US government’s Biomedical Advance Research and Development Authority’s competition. The winner will be able to win a cash prize of $500,000 while of course having the glory of creating an absolutely genius design of a mask.

The commonly used masks often get complaints of fogging up glasses, irritate your skin, uncomfortable to wear, in the way of communication, and unsafe sides that lets Covid-19 particles in, the list goes on! There are 2 phases for the contest, firstly phase one will include focusing on the design which is considering the redesigns of existing masks, and another that focuses on new technologies and materials.

Submissions have to include schematics for the proposed masks. At the end of phase 1, 10 winners will be picked out whereby they will receive $10,000 to build a prototype of their masks. Moving on to the second phase, contestants will have to respond to a hypothetical scenario with a brand-new mask design that is not based off any existing masks. The contestants will also have to submit a physical prototype of the masks for NIOSH to test. 5 winners will be picked out to split a total of $400,000 prize pool!

The deadline for the Mask Innovation Competition (phase one) will be on 21 April. We’re not sure if this only applies to U.S citizens, but it’s an interesting plan to get people thinking and innovating for the better good.


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