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Get Inked By These Minimalist Tattoo Artists

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

People these days are getting more and more open to the idea of getting inked. Tattoos mean differently to everyone, some as a form of art, some would put meaning to their tattoo. If you’re looking into more minimalist or basic designs as your first tattoo, you should definitely check these Malaysian tattoo artists out.


If needles scare you but you still insist on getting inked, you should look into Sugee’s hand-poked tattoos. It hurts less because the needles don’t go as deep as tattoo machines, however the lines are not as precise. The charm to Sugee’s tattoo art are the rough lines that give it so much personality. She does flash designs from time to time as well, so follow her on Instagram to be updated on the whereabouts and bookings.


Just like Sugee, Yi Min does hand-poked tattoos as well. Her art aesthetic leans towards the Chinese traditional characters and unique animals. Yi Min experimented with fingernails and palm tattoos, which is pretty rare in Malaysia. Did you know fingernail tattoos can last up to a few months and it doesn’t hurt at all!


Although Inktime Studio doesn’t just specialize in just minimal/ clean designs, one of their tattoo artists (Raice Wong) showcased her talent in inking beautiful minimal tattoos on her Instagram. Whatever design you’re looking into, best know she will nail it. Another tattoo artist from Inktime Studio also specializes more towards minimal designs (pei_tattoo), so check out their Instagram to find out which artist from their studio to book appointments with.

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