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German Rider And Coach Receives Backlash After Being Seen Hitting A Horse During The Olympics

The Olympics recently just ended, but before we close this chapter for 2021, let’s talk about German rider, Annika Schleu and her coach, Kim Raisner who got disqualified after being seen hitting a horse during the modern pentathlon at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics on 6 August. They also got backlash from netizens after the news went viral.

Following this incident, Raisner was also disqualified by the Modern Pentathlon Federation (UIPM) from the men’s individual competition on 7 August. The modern pentathletes were required to compete in 5 different spots, fencing, freestyle swimming, equestrian show jumping, pistol shooting, and cross-country. As for show jumping, the riders will not be able to use their own horses, but have to draw on at random.

Riders will be given 20 minutes to warm up with the horse before beginning. NPR reported that Schleu entered the show jumping round with a commanding lead but ended up with 0 points in the show jumping segment and ending at 31st placing in the competition. Apparently, the horse, Saint Boy, misbehaved during the warmup and later refused jumps. Schleu broke down due to frustrations, which also led her coach pushing her to hit the horse. “Really hit it, hit,” she said. The horse was punched on its back and the back leg – poor thing!

Germany’s Olympic team chief, Alfons Hoermann said, “We were all in agreement that the coach will not be at the competition on Saturday. We also consider that an urgent review of the incident is necessary, especially in terms of animal protection, and that the national and international federations draw their conclusions.”

“Rules must change in such a way so that rider and horse are protected. The focus must be on the welfare of the animals and the fair competition for athletes,” he added.


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