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Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park Will Be Opening Second Quarter Of 2021

Genting Highlands has been hyping netizens up since 2019 about their new outdoor theme park, Genting SkyWorlds will be ready soon. People have been skeptical about news circulating about Genting opening up the theme park soon, but Resort World Genting’s head of business operations and strategy Lee Thiam Kit said that they are committed to opening the park by this year despite the pandemic and MCO that’s still going on.

Theme park goers, YOU HEARD HIM. We may soon be able to experience Genting’s new outdoor theme park! It is said that the theme park will be opening its doors to the public in the second quarter of 2021. RWG even released a sneak peak video on the rides and attractions on YouTube.

Visitors will be able to immerse themselves in 9 movie and adventure inspired attractions, namely Eagle Mountain, Central Park, Liberty Lane, Robots Rivet Town, Andromeda Base, Ice Age, Studio Plaza, Epic, and Rio! I understand that you may be confused as to why Genting still has the rights to use Ice Age, Epic, and Rio, especially after 20th Century Fox decided not to give Genting rights for the formerly known 20th Century Fox World that was supposed to be opened in Malaysia.

Well, RWG’s head of theme parks Gregory Pearn noted that these worlds will be accompanied by original intellectual properties from Genting while having 20th Century Studios’s IPs in the park too. So we’re thinking that they must’ve settled for an agreement in order to have these big movies from 2oth Century Fox join the theme park attractions.

Genting SkyWorlds will be introducing more IPs in the future, so we’re pretty stoked to see what the outdoor theme park has in store for us!


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