• Jonathan Shiek

Genshin Impact Crowned The Hottest Game?!

Since its release in September, Genshin Impact has taken the video game into a frenzy. With a revenue close to $400 million on mobile alone in its first few months and is reportedly earning $6 million per day. Outdoing its competitors such as PUBG Mobile, Pokemon Go, Honor of Kings & Tencent. It has been a lucky year for the creators of Genshin Impact (miHoYo) crowned Apple and Google Play’s Best Game of 2020.

Playing in an open-world RPG that is rich in concept, deep, and immersive, RPG enthusiasts would gladly spend their money without limits. You will be navigating this world as a traveler, a sword wielder, as a male or female character with different elements to choose from such as fire, wind, lightning, and ice. 

This huge open-world concept is similar to Zelda which is packed with stories and side quests that are available for you to unlock more characters and gear. It just doesn’t stop there! With its well-done graphics, there’s no reason to stop obsessing over satisfying battle plays!

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