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Gaza Names Its Road ‘Malaysia Street’, Plays ‘Negaraku’ To Commemorate Merdeka Day

Not many people may know this, but there’s a road in KL that was renamed as Jalan Palestin last year as a way for Malaysia to show our solidarity with the State of Palestine. And now, the state has returned the gesture by naming one of its streets in Gaza after Malaysia to commemorate our country’s independence day.

The news was shared on Twitter on 31 August by Muslim Imran, who is the chairman of Palestinian Cultural Organization Malaysia (PCOM). In a photo shown, the ‘Malaysia Street’ signboard offers a brief background on Malaysia’s independence journey, and also highlights our role in supporting Palestine in the conflict against Israel.

“Malaysia has an important role in supporting the Palestinian cause. It always calls for an end to the Israeli occupation and granting the Palestinian people all their rights. It also rejects normalization with the Israeli occupation,” reads the text on the signboard.

That’s not all, Muslim also tweeted a video of ‘Negaraku’ playing on the streets of Gaza on Malaysia’s National Day, which is said to be an act of appreciation for Malaysia’s solidarity with Palestine.

“Hopefully the relationship between the two nations will continue to grow stronger, until someday when Palestine will be free and Malaysians will come to Gaza and Jerusalem to celebrate our Merdeka with us, InsyaAllah,” Muslim told Bernama.


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