• Jonathan Shiek

Gal Gadot’s Family Appeared In Wonder Woman 1984

If you have not watched the latest Wonder Woman film then you might not want to get spoiled by some of these snippets. As you all know, Gal Gadot was pregnant with her daughter, Maya when she was filming the first Wonder Woman film. It is so heart warming to see Maya reappear on screen as a grown kid!

Credit: Yahoo News

Gadot’s husband was seen in the background holding Maya on a merry-go-round ride at the Christmas market, while her oldest daughter (Alma) was having a snowball fight with director Patty Jenkin’s son (Asa). Alma and Asa both had a line saying “I’m sorry” to Gal Gadot after they accidentally threw a snowball over to her.

Credit: Manila Bulletin

Cutest thing ever!


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