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G-Dragon and Blackpink’s Jennie Are Rumoured To Be Dating

Love seems to be in the air for couples in the Korean entertainment industry this year. Since breaking the news about Hyun Bin and Son Ye-Jin’s relationship early this year, Dispatch reported today that K-Pop superstars G-Dragon from BigBang and Jennie from Blackpink “have been dating for about a year now”, and fans everywhere are freaking out!

“Blackpink Jennie is in love. Her boyfriend is her idol GD (G-Dragon). They are the two idol singers representing YG (Entertainment Group). They have been dating for about a year now,” Dispatch reported.

Apparently, Dispatch “witnessed” the secret meeting between 24-year-old Jennie and 32-year-old G-Dragon at his luxury villa in Hannam-dong, and they even posted photos for evidence!

G-Dragon’s penthouse is known to have a tight security system with a private elevator that goes directly to his penthouse from his private parking lot. And it turns out, Jennie already has her car registered at the villa so she holds an easy pass to the private parking lot and elevator.

According to Dispatch, “the relationship between the two is an open secret within YG” as Jennie would go to G-Dragon’s house after her schedule with Blackpink while her manager or rumoured boyfriend would take turns dropping her off and picking her up at G-Dragon’s house.

Last year, G-Dragon was even spotted dropping by a studio where Blackpink was filming their music video for a surprise visit to encourage Jennie – awwww.

Dispatch also revealed that according to a close official to the couple, Jennie’s mother is also aware of this relationship and she “thanks GD for taking good care of her (Jennie)”.

However, the news remains unconfirmed as G-Dragon is known to not comment on dating rumours. But one thing for sure, if the rumour turns out to be true, there would definitely be heartbreak and celebration among G-Dragon and Jennie’s fans everywhere.

My DARAGON heart at the moment. let me cry ppl, let me cry.😭😭😭😭 but I'm happy for jennie and GD if the dating rumor is true, but let me cry my heart out first. — jijii, our manager ᵕ̈ (@aechelles) February 24, 2021
"dispatch revealing that Jennie and GD is dating" Jenkai and Daragon shippers be like: — hibae⁷ (@whyyousadidk) February 24, 2021


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