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Frontliners Are Enraged After A Covid Positive Woman Showed Up At MIECC For Vaccination

One of the many nightmares for frontliners to face are dumb citizens arriving to a vaccination centre Covid positive. The vaccination process at the Mines International Exhibition and Convention Center (MIECC) had to stop operations for a couple of hours after an individual detected with Covid-19 arrived at the centre with her mother.

An Instagram Story went viral of a medical staff, Dr. Cheng Qing Cheng, enraged by the the Covid positive vaccine recipient who apparently went for a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) just a day before her vaccination appointment, and was confirmed Covid positive upon arriving at the vaccination centre.

Tolong ye ada otak dan jangan jadi selfish lepas tu giving risk to others. This happened earlier today ye gais. Gosh! Ni la salah satu punca kes tak menurun…ni orang macam ni. — N.A.R.A なら (@ara_fafa) July 7, 2021

The part that got frontliners and Malaysians enraged was when the individual did not inform her mother about her condition because “she felt that she could receive consultation from the medical professionals present at the vaccination centre”. I have no words for this line.

The social media post garnered so many hate comments towards the Covid positive individual, mostly calling her out for being ignorant and stupid. Sadly because of this incident, all the frontliners present that day are now required to quarantine themselves while the vaccine recipients had to get their appointments either cancelled or rescheduled.

That said, CITF reminded all vaccine recipients to be more responsible and to get your Covid-19 test results before attending the vaccination appointment. Yesterday, Malaysia hit 8.8k new Covid-19 cases, so if we don’t start acting smart and careful, we’re going to end up in lockdown till 2022.


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